Summer Camp

Since Scouting’s genesis, Summer Camp has been a staple; the most anticipated Scout event of the year. For Scouts, summer camp is a rite of passage, a week-long world of adventure with friends. For Leaders and parents this is an opportunity to watch their sons hone critical life skills, experience life outdoors, practice leadership and teamwork and create memories that will last a lifetime. We take the responsibility to deliver this promise seriously!

At Lost Bayou we offer this experience not just to the traditional Scout troop, but also to the individual Scout who can only participate a day or partial week as well as to the troop traveling through our great region who wants to experience Lost Bayou for a brief stay or a non traditional  week schedule. Do you need your week to start early?  Run late?  We adapt and cater to your Scouting needs.

At Lost Bayou our Scout Staff strives to allow each Scout and Scouter to:

  1. Have a safe and fun camping experience
  2. Gain knowledge and skill through our merit badge classes
  3. Grow as young men through the development of Scouting values and the exercise of Scouting Spirit.
  4. Leave with new wonderful memories and the influence of positive role models.
  5. Develop an appreciation for this unique ecosystem and recognize our responsibility for it’s care and preservation.


Our unique Vertical Merit Badge Course Schedule allows us to offer Scout and professionals interaction for a full day of concentrated focus on the area of a local volunteer’s career specialties.  These interests, hobbies and job skills of our volunteer instructors from all around the Acadiana region may one day become career skills for our growing Scouts.  We want that start to be nurtured here in Scouting. 

At Lost Bayou we embraced our area’s Cajun heritage and have decided to share it with everyone who comes to visit! Authentic food, music and historical culture and an appreciation for the unique ecosystem that is Acadiana are all here for Scouts, leaders and parents to experience.

To ensure your Troop’s experience is the best it can be, our staff has added offerings for both the individual Scout as well as the entire troop.  Daily Freetime offers a sampling of camp activities, Lagniappe merit badges offered by collegiate staff, Scout to Scout leadership opportunities, Eagles’ Edge support for those gearing up for the flight to Eagle rank. Camp Wide games encourage troop to troop interaction through fun and engaging competitions.  Evening Campfires help Scouts reflect on the day and wrap up their experience with a focus on the aspects of Scouting Spirit and its application to daily life.  For a bold, new and spicy summer camp experience come to Lost Bayou Scout Camp, the BSA’s only genuine Cajun Summer Camp.

Come find your sunrise….on the Bayou!


William Ritchey

Lost Bayou Summer Camp Director

Registration opens January 1, 2019

Late Fees added after May 15th, 2019. Scout With Late fee is $300, Adult with late fee is $110.


Camp Fee Total               Paid in full by April 1st, 2019             Paid in full by May 18th, 2019

Scout                                             $235                                                   $265

Adult                                               $90                                                     $100





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