Registration Fees and Forms

For registration related questions, please contact your district executive.


Save Money On Adult Registrations

If you are registered in more than one unit or type of registration, such as Unit Commissioner or District Committee Member, you only have to pay for one registration. All the rest are considered multiple positions. Choose which position you want to be your primary one and be sure that you submit payment for that position and not for any others.

Many units pay registration for all of their adult volunteers. If one of your multiple positions is in one of these units, let the unit leaders know that they should not pay for you. The charter renewal processor for the unit should mark you as a multiple in that unit. 

Do not expect that “council will know”! The ScoutNet system will only warn that you already have a paid registration after one has been posted.  If that is not the one you want to be your primary position, it may become your primary position by default. 

So, know what all your registered positions are. Decide what you want to be your primary position (you will only receive a membership card for your primary unit registration). Let all involved in submitting payment for you at charter renewal time know what your primary registration is. And, save yourself and/or your unit extra, unnecessary registration and insurance fees!

Membership Application Forms