Mountain Bayou Scout Camp


“A week of camp life is worth six months of theoretical teaching in the meeting room.”       - Lord Baden-Powell


In 1976, the council signed a 56 year lease with option to buy 640 acres of pine forest near Mt. Bayou Lake in Evangeline Parish. The first summer camp was held in 1981 and offered scouts a program including traditional scout-craft, nature, and aquatics. The nearby lake and connecting bayous offered the scouts the ability to explore the swamp lands while enjoying canoe float trips. In 2004 the council purchased the property and by 2006 the mortgage was paid off using the money from timber sales. Mountain Bayou offers many scheduled activities but is also open year round for Unit camping. Not a scout but still interested in using Mountain Bayou’s facilities? Our meeting rooms and other areas are open for rent to not only scouts but outside groups as well.

Located only a short distance from LA Hwy 167 and I-49 north of Ville Platte on 1771 Mountain Bayou Road; St. Landry, LA 71367


Cub Scouts

Cub Adventure- Held every weekend in October to offer an age appropriate camping experience for new and returning Cub Scouts.

Cub STEM Camp- Held in March. Cub Scout camp out that focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math and the Nova award


Boy Scouts

Cajun Rendezvous- Held in the Fall for both Boy Scouts and Venturing Scouts. Intended as an opportunity for the troops and crews to take advantage of the wonderful shooting ranges, fantastic swimming pool, and breath taking lake we have at Mountain Bayou Scout Camp.

Winter Camp- Held over the Thanksgiving Holiday and offered for Boy Scouts and Venturing Scouts. Focused on merit badge classes all taught by adults who are professionals in their fields.

National Youth Leader Training (NYLT)- Week long camp held in June over the Summer break for Boy Scouts and Venturing Scouts. Focuses on training youth to be leaders in their units.

Highland Games- Held in late February. The Games will combine traditional Celtic Sports with a few Scouting twists.  Scouts will compete in fun and challenging Celtic tests of strength, endurance and skill. Such as: Caber toss, tomahawk, battle hammer toss, kilt run, First Aid, orienteering, fire building, braemar stone putt, and more.

Klondike Derby (alternate with Highland Games every two years)- Held in late February. The derby is based on an Alaskan Dog Sled race. Once the patrols leave the start line they are cut-off from civilization (Troop Leadership) and must overcome challenges on their own.  Along the way, teams may run into other obstacles and Team Spirit will be evaluated and rewarded with gold nuggets that can be used at the “Frontier Auction”.


General Camp Rules


Welcome to Mountain Bayou Scout Camp


We want you to have an enjoyable experience while you are here.  To insure the safety of our visitors and to preserve the beauty of this facility for future visitors we ask that you please observe the following rules.

1. Meet with the Ranger or Campmaster upon your arrival at camp and again when you are ready to depart, or if you need any help during your stay.  They can assist you with program suggestions, conservation/service projects or any other needs you may have.  If you are at camp for a sponsored event all participants MUST check in at the Health Lodge.                   

2. The Camp Ranger has the authority and duty to revoke your permit to be on the property for due cause.   

3. This camp is an Ecological Preservation Area.  Please DO NOT molest or disturb wildlife.  Do not make any unauthorized changes to the surface drainage, cut or damage any live trees or remove ground cover.                        

4. The area is heavily forested; fire is a very real hazard.  When open burning is allowed keep all fires within the provided Fire Ring. Adults must supervise all fires, and no fires are to be left unattended. DO NOT MOVE FIRE RINGS.   All fires are to be completely extinguished after use.

5. Vehicles are to be parked in the parking lot, no vehicle is to enter main camp without the permission of the Ranger or Campmaster.  Vehicles that are allowed in camp are to remain on the roadways, do not drive into a campsite.  

6. For your own safety, closed toes shoes should be worn in camp, also do not bring pets of any kind, sheath knives or firearms onto the property.                     

7. Do not cross between the Rangers House and the Maintenance Building or in front of the Campmaster Cabin.  Use the road or the trail through the woods.   

8. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed at any time.                                              

9. If your Scouts need service hours, see the Ranger for projects.                  

10. All trash is to be taken to the dumpster near the Maintenance Building.  Campers are responsible for leaving camp cleaner and in better shape than when the arrived. In an effort to be earth friendly aluminum cans may be brought to the Ranger as well as cardboard brought to the trailer behind the Dining Hall for our recycling efforts.                                        

11. Push carts are to be returned as soon as you unload them.  Do not haul wood or passengers. 

12. Do not ring the Chapel Bell without just cause, it should only be rung for Religious Services or an Emergency Signal. 

13. NO FIRE or other heat source IN TENTS. 

14. No one is allowed in the kitchen other than cook staff.  It is off limits, unless you are a worker.      

15. No one is allowed in the Ranger’s shop without the permission of the Ranger.

16. Water is cut off in camp during the winter months (Dec-Feb).  Water is always available, see the Ranger or Campmaster on duty for locations and containers .

17. Treat Camp property with respect.  Do not attempt to enter locked buildings or storage areas without permission.  Do not let youth roam camp unsupervised, it’s dangerous and this is when most vandalism occurs.  Remember your unit can and will be held financially responsible for any damage to camp property.

18. In consideration of other campers, we ask that you refrain from using loud devices such as radio’s, T.V.’s generators or other noise pollutants in the Campsites.

19. Campers must leave camp by 12:00 noon unless arrangements have been made with campmaster