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To Join Now, click your school parish below.  If you need help finding a Cub Scout program in your area, call us at (337) 235-8551 and our helpful staff will connect you to a Cub Scout Pack near you!

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What is Cub Scouts?

Cub Scouts is an active program for children in kindergarten through fifth grade that encourages learning, friendship, and most of all fun! Youth learn by doing, and there is no end to the fun things that Cub Scouts do with their families, Cub Scout Packs, and at special events. Camp under the stars. Tie knots. Visit a police station. Shoot a bow and arrow. There is no limit to the fun things your Scout will do.

Building a strong foundation...with fun!

Kids want to join Scouting because it is fun. But you’ll love it for all the other benefits your child receives. Scouting teaches leadership and character. It builds confidence and social skills. It teaches the value of service and citizenship. And it brings families closer together.

The Boy Scouts of America has a booklet that can help you better understand the Cub Scout program: Welcome New Cub Scout Family

Get answers to five commonly asked questions by new Cub Scout families by watching this 3 minute video:


Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Scouting Work?

Cub Scouts is for boys and girls, kindergarten through fifth grade. Each Cub Scout is a member of a Den. Dens are a group of 6-10 kids around the same age. These groups are all girl or all boy Dens that meet on a regular basis. Dens go on fun trips, play games, do service projects and learn new skills. Dens come together to make up each Pack.

How Much Does Scouting Cost?

Scouting has fees for membership and activities. The annual membership fee is $132, $25 new membership fee and Boys Life magazine is an optional $12 plus tax per year. When joining, both the annual membership and Boys Life fees are prorated by month. Other costs vary depending on the activities of your local Pack and typically range from $70 to $130 annually. One of the key values of Scouting is that Scouts should help earn their own way. That's why we offer multiple opportunities throughout the year for your Scout to earn the money needed to camp and participate in other activities.

We believe that every child should have the chance to be a Scout! Because of the generosity of local families, businesses and leaders, the Evangeline Area Council can offer assistance to support local families in need.

Is Scouting in my Area?

Absolutely! There are lots of organizations throughout the Acadiana area that sponsor Cub Scout Packs. Cub Scouts meet at service organizations, places of worship, schools, and more, all within a comfortable distance to your home. To find a Pack near you give us a call at 337-235-8551 or visit

Who will lead my Pack?

Cub Scouts is a family activity! All Packs are led by Youth Protection Trained volunteers from families just like yours! You will have the opportunity to take a role in leading your child's experience - and we're here to help you become the best leader you can be with training, online resources and support from our Program Center.

Every volunteer leader is required to go through a criminal background check and Youth Protection Training process that ensures your child will be in a safe and fun program. The Evangeline Area Council provides many training opportunities for our leaders to enhance the program they deliver and increase the skills they can pass onto our Scouts.

What about other activities like sports?

Lots of youth take part in Scouting along with a variety of other activities like sports, music, academic interests, and more. These programs all work together with Scouting to provide your child with a balance of adult role models and experiences!