Winter Camp

Winter Camp classes are continuing to climb VERTICAL. We adopted a "vertical" schedule and it has worked great for both Scouts and Leaders. A Vertical schedule allows the scouts to spend each day at only one specific merit badge. So, instead of a block schedule, the scout would take one merit badge all day long. 
A scout's schedule may look something like this: Saturday (Merit Badge #1), Sunday (MB #2), Monday (MB #3), Tuesday (MB #4). We do offer some half day classes, so a scout could potentially earn two merit badges in one day.
This allows the leader's to have understanding of where each of their scout's may be throughout each day.

The 2022 Evangeline Area Council Winter Camp to be held at Lost Bayou Scout Camp from Friday, November 18th through Wednesday, November 23rd, 2022.

Numbers/Deposit Registration Opens 9/12/2022

Names/Class Signup Opens 10/18/2022

Thanks for all you do in the Scouting program, especially in your own Units, and we look forward to seeing you at camp.


Mitch Batten - Camp Director

Richie Colonna - Program Director

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