Long Range Strategic Plan

After a year of work and input, the Evangeline Area Council’s 2011–2015 Strategic Plan was approved by our Executive Board in 2012.

The plan is in alignment with the National Boy Scouts of America strategic plan, using the same four focus areas – Programs/Services, Talent Management, Organizational Management and Fiscal Management – but addressing the unique challenges and opportunities we face in our 8 parish area of Acadiana.

Common themes throughout the plan include: Supporting unit success, Leveraging our new Base Camp, Addressing our changing demographic and funding environment.


  • The plan is built on eleven “Pillars”
  • Stabilize and Grow Membership
  • Dynamic and Relevant Program
  • Strong Leadership
  • Marketing/Building Our Brand
  • Responsive Innovation
  • Leading Through Technology
  • Effective Governance
  • Maximize Finances and Resources

Each Pillar has Goals and Strategies for achievement, including due dates over the next five years. Specific committees will take ownership and oversee/facilitate implementation. Many will involve the multiple committees responsible for aspects of council operation. It is a dynamic document, that will be updated at least annually at our January Council Coordinated Committ