ScoutBook App


With a tap on your phone you can deposit a check, update your family grocery list or share a photo.

Shouldn’t keeping track of a Scout’s advancement be just as easy? The Boy Scouts of America thinks so.

That’s why today the BSA announces it has acquired Scoutbook, the revolutionary web app that makes tracking advancement easier, faster and more fun. That means more time for you and your Scouts to enjoy those life-changing experiences they can’t get anywhere but Scouting.

Imagine updating your Boy Scouts’ progress toward a rank or a merit badge with a couple of taps or clicks. Or letting Scouts input and provide proof for their own advancement progress. Or seeing at a glance which adventures your Cub Scouts lack for the next rank. Or knowing which of your unit leaders still need to complete BSA training. Or getting an automatically generated shopping list to make your trip to the Scout Shop a breeze. Or never again wondering whether you’re using the most up-to-date BSA requirements.

And imagine doing it all wherever you are and on the devices you use every day.

It’s all possible with Scoutbook.

Wayne Brock, the BSA’s Chief Scout Executive, says that Scoutbook will help the Boy Scouts of America better connect with today’s connected youth.

“Kids today are always on the go, and their communication habits and preferences reflect it,” he says. “More than 75 percent of U.S. children now have access to a smartphone or tablet — a statistic that points toward a significant opportunity for BSA, and one our organization proudly has seized upon. Scoutbook is our latest approach to delivering a more digital experience that is both fun and meaningful for our members.”

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Yes, it’ll work on your device

Scoutbook is an app, but it’s a web app. That means you’ll be able to use it if you have an iPhone, Android phone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry — or even (gasp!) your PC or tablet.

There’s nothing to download. You’ll just type the URL,, into your browser on a smartphone, tablet or computer. The secure website knows which device you’re using, so it’ll load in a format that looks great on screens big and small.

Scoutbook lives in the cloud on an encrypted server. That means if your computer crashes or you lose your phone, all that hard work doesn’t disappear.

It also means multiple leaders — and the Scouts themselves — can share in the advancement-tracking duties.

Wait, the Scouts themselves? Yes, one of my favorite things about Scoutbook is that Scouts can use it, too. Scouts can fulfill some of the duties of their position of responsibility, upload photos of their work on merit badge requirements or share how much fun they had on the last campout with a video — all from Scoutbook.

Parents can use it to keep an eye on their son or daughter’s progress toward ranks and awards.

Scoutbook’s tagline is no exaggeration. It really is “the whole Scouting experience rolled into one amazing web app.”