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The online recharter tool - use after completing the steps below
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 Frequently Asked Questions about the online recharter process
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Download adult and youth membership application forms
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Thank you for taking time to renew your unit charter. Before beginning online charter renewal, please take the following steps:

  1. Select an adult to complete the online process.
  2. Obtain your access code from the Council.
  3. Review the Online Rechartering Frequently Asked Questions & complete the Online Charter Renewal Tutorial. (An access code is not needed for the tutorial).
  4. Round up the needed information. 

After completing the above steps you are ready to begin your online renewal using the Internet Charter Renewal Tool: 

NOTICE: During November and December on Saturdays from 6pm to Sunday 6pm the National system may be offline for maintenance and updating. During this time you will be able to work on charters that have already been started, but you will not be able to start new charters. 

Important Notes for 2021:

Please do not use the 'E-Z Report' when printing your charter forms.  The E-Z Report works for some councils, but does not include information necessary for our council's charter renewal process. This selection is made on the 'congratulations' page after you have submitted your charter renewal information. Please select 'Print Renewal Application' instead of the E-Z Report.

Youth Protection Training is required. The council requires all registered leaders to be current with their Youth Protection Training by time of recharter.  Failure to complete or renew will result in the leader not being able to reregister.

Training for Cub Scout & Boy Scout Direct Contact Leaders is required. All 'Direct Contact Leaders' (Cubmasters, Asst. Cubmasters, Den Leaders and their Asst. Den Leaders, Scoutmasters and asst. Scoutmasters) must have completed Leader Specific Training for their position in order to be registered. This standard helps ensure that leaders have the training and support needed to provide good program to our newest Cub Scout youth members.

Adult applicatons are required of age 18-20 Venturing and Sea Scout members. Venturing and Sea Scout participants, current and new, who are 18 to 20 years of age must complete an adult application and Youth Protection training in order to be registered. This standard is to ensure that all persons legally considered to be adults are able to meet adult membership requirements.

Helpful resources from the National office: - the place to take online training. If you have trouble logging-in, please try to use Chrome or FireFox browsers, which are reported to function well. If you still have issues, please contact the national technical help desk at (972) 580-2489

Frequently Asked Questions - a list of common questions about the online charter process and system.

Online Charter Tutorial - a place to practice or demonstrate the online charter process. A login is not needed to use this tutorial.

Online Charter Help - basic questions are answered here about the online charter tools.

Membership Application Forms - source to download youth and adult membership forms.

Journey To Excellence Forms - source to download Journey to Excellence scorecards and other materials related to the Journey to Excellence program.

Youth Pro-Rated Fees:

Pro-Rate Month BSA National Registration Fee Scout Life Magazine Subscription
Oct - Sept $144 $12
Nov - Sept $132 $11
Dec - Sept $120 $10
Jan - Sept $108 $9
Feb - Sept $96 $8
Mar - Sept $84 $7
Apr - Sept $72 $6
May - Sept $60 $5
June - Sept $48 $4
July - Sept $36 $3
Aug - Sept $24 $2
Sept - Sept $12



New Youth Joining Fee is $25

Recharter is due September 17, 2021