2020 Camp Masters Popcorn Sale


Popcorn sales can generate enough income to financially support your Scouting program for the entire year!  Money from popcorn can be used to cover the cost of camporees, pinewood derbies, field trips, equipment, badges and advancement, and summer camp.  Every fall, the Evangeline Area Council conducts its annual popcorn fundraiser. Revenue from popcorn sales help, the council maintain camp properties and service center, provide camperships for Scouts who need financial assistance to attend camp, conduct events such as Scouting For Food, Leader Trainings and our Centennial Service Project, and provide accident and sickness insurance for chartered organizations, members, and leaders. This annual event offers Scouting groups a simple, safe, effective way to raise money that, in turn, teaches boys speaking skills, confidence and salesmanship. Scouts have the opportunity to earn prizes, trips, and even a college scholarship account based on their total sales.

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Important 2020 Campaign Dates

August 5: Unit Leader Popcorn Kickoff & Training - TBD

August 17: Show & Sell Orders Due to EAC by 5 pm

September 4: Show & Sell Popcorn Pick-Up - Coca Cola on Eraste Landry Road, Lafayette - UNITS MUST SCHEDULE PICK-UP TIME

September 26: Sale Begins/Blitz Club Begins

Oct 1: It's POP-TOBER!

October 12: Blitz Sale Ends

October 26: Show-N-Sell Returns & Popcorn Orders Due to Scout Office by 5 pm - NO EXCEPTIONS!

October 30: Show-N-Sell Money Due & Prize Orders Due to Scout Office

November 13: Popcorn Pick-Up at Coca Cola on Eraste Landry Road, Lafayette - UNITS MUST SCHEDULE PICK-UP TIME

December 4: Popcorn Money Due to Scout Office

Scouts can participate in a variety of ways

Online Sales this is the best way to sell to your friends and family who live out of town.  You can send emails to your customers asking them to purchase Camp Masters popcorn online.  Friends and family can order year-round!

Show & Sell your den, pack or troop gets permission to sell in front of a retail store or in the local mall.  You set up a display with products for people to purchase as they walk by.

Take Order the most traditional way to sell popcorn; going door-to-door with the take order form, which you receive from your leader or council.

Show & Deliver you carry Camp Masters popcorn with you to show to your customers as you visit them.  The customer is able to select the products he or she wishes to buy from your product selection.

Corporate This is for savvy Scouts!  Selling to businesses is a great market to have big sells.  Whether the owner buys popcorn as gifts for their employees, or they allow the popcorn to be sold at the lobby or break room.


In 2015, The second highest selling Scout in the country, Luke Fewx and his dad Jacob, shared their success secrets with the audience.


Luke Fewx's Script - Practice, Practice, Practice

Hi, My name is ____.  (shake hands) I am with Pack/Troop______.  I am trying to earn my way to ____________  and (add more if you plan on donating to any special charitable groups)  Can I count on your support?
Once they say "sure" then hand the order form to the customer and say
Well we have all this DELICIOUS popcorn. I know they seem a little pricey but 73% of the cost goes directly to our local scouting in the form of camp scholarships, repairs and for things for my unit.
Then recommend a product or two.
I really like________ but if your don't like sweet then you may like ________.  We also have these great box sets and the Chocolate Lovers comes in a winter tin for the holidays. Or you can do a military donation and we will send some popcorn overseas to our troops.
Which one can I order for you?
Always thank the customer before you leave.


Luke's Highlights:

1.  Always set a sales goal

2.  NEVER say the 3 forbidden words while selling

  • Buy

  • Sell

  • Would you like to OR Will you

3.  Always ask three "Yes" Questions before asking "Can I count on your support?" 

4.  Know your products and learn the art of "Up Selling"

5.  Always wear your uniform and remember to say Thank You. 

Click here for Luke's Presentation Slides

Jacob's Highlights:

1.  Push Show-n-Sell

2.  Help parents understand that it may be in their best interest to take a day off of work to help their son sell popcorn.  (ie.  If a parent is earning $20/hr. at work and their son is earning $80/hr selling popcorn, it's better to take a day off of work so that the son can earn $500-$700 in a day rather than $160 at work.  It would take this parent 2 weeks to earn as much.

3.  Sell to businesses!!!  Single biggest reason their unit went from $300 to more than $40,000.

  • Encourage businesses to buy popcorn for Employee Recognition, Customer Appreciation, House Closings (realestate), Test driving/Buying a car, etc..

  • Ask for permission to sell to employees.  Selling to 20 employees in an office setting is faster than selling door to door to 20 houses.

4.  Make sure that Parents understand what the funds are going to be used for AND if they hit their sales goal what they won't have to pay for out of their own pocket.

5.  Scouts need constant positive motivation!  Encourage them and work with them to hone their sales techniques. 

Click here for Jacobs Presentation Slides