The Membership Cycle

Membership is a year-round responsibility and must be approached in a systematic manner. Traditionally, a major membership recruitment effort has been held in the fall. Plans must also be made to recruit systematically in the spring months so that youth have the opportunity to participate in Cub Scout or Boy Scout camps or high-adventure bases.

New-unit organization must be carefully planned so that the program is readily available to those who are eligible. Enough units must be functioning to handle the influx of newly recruited members. The majority of new Cub Scout packs, Boy Scout troops, Varsity Scout teams, and Venturing crews should be organized in the spring. It is recommended that 70 percent of the new-unit business be completed prior to the end of May.


Schedule of Events

The council membership/relationships committee plans a full year's program so that this essential aspect of Scouting receives the attention it must have.

Several elements of the plan operate on a continuing basis. The recruit-of-the-month plan should be ongoing and should complement special activities. The Webelos-to-Scout transition program should be continuously pursued.

The following month-by-month schedule of events, designed to build membership, will ensure a controlled and well-managed recruiting plan. Preceding every event or activity, adequate preparations must be made according to the generally accepted planning schedule. Recruiting events may be held as suggested or at any time convenient to your council or district.



  • Staff growth planning conference (one or two days, early in the month)
  • District staff approval of goals
  • District commitment to goals at council/district Key 3 meeting
  • Assemble final draft of council growth plan
  • Council executive board's approval
  • Visit prospective chartered organizations for new-unit events
  • Recruit district fall roundup chairs
  • Complete Webelos-to-Scout plans


  • Conduct career and hobby interest surveys for Venturing
  • Conduct boy-fact survey
  • Plan spring recruitment plans
  • Together plan kickoff for new packs and troops


  • Complete career and hobby interest surveys
  • Complete boy-fact survey
  • Venturing Impact event for new crews
  • Alternate date for new-unit event for packs and troops
  • Webelos-to-Scout transition


  • Together plan unit organization completed
  • Spring recruiting effort
  • Alternate date for Venturing Impact event
  • Superintendents' breakfast and principals' luncheons
  • Unit leadership inventory


  • New unit follow-up details
  • Hold fall roundup planning conference
  • Spring recruiting plans


  • Summer camp new-Scout recruiting plan
  • Cub Scout day camp and resident camp
  • Complete new-unit organization


  • Plan Plan Joining Night for Scouting rallies and open houses
  • Summer camp and high-adventure recruiting activities
  • Complete new-unit organization


  • Roundup training and kickoff with unit goals and report meetings with recognition
  • Pack planning conferences


  • Commitment to March new-unit dinner
  • Boy-fact surveys
  • Hold roundups, Joining Nights for Cub Scouting, and open houses for troops, teams, and crews.
  • Individual pack rallies for sign-up and orientation
  • Venturing open houses


  • Venturing open houses
  • Pack rallies, sign-up, and orientation


  • Venturing open house
  • New-unit emphasis plan committee recruited, activated
  • Pack rally follow-up completed
  • Conduct telephone inventory


  • Roundup completed and recognitions given
  • Unit inventories
  • Membership inventory for unregistered youth