Investment in Character

Evangeline Area Council serves more than 1,100 youth members, providing values-based and character-building programs throughout Acadidana. Young people in Scouting learn skills, practice peer leadership, and build character and confidence through year-round outdoor experiences.

The annual Investment in Character campaign provides an opportunity for families and community members to support Scouting.Your support provides many outdoor camping programs, enrichment programs for at-risk youth, and service programs that in turn support the greater community.

The annual estimated cost to provide these opportunities is $306 per year, per youth member. We invite you to consider supporting a year’s worth of adventure for one Scout. Please know that a gift of any level is impactful and appreciated. 

Many employers match their employees' donations or recognize their volunteer service hours. Please visit your human resources department to see if they can double the impact of your gift to Scouting.


Ok, so how does this work?

What is Investment in Character?
This is the annual giving campaign to support the Evangeline Area Council. Please review the 2022 Investment in Character brochure. We would like to collect these cards from every family and every supporter of Scouting.

Haven't I paid already?
You might wonder why we're talking about funding for Scouting. After all, you've paid your dues to be a BSA member. All of that goes for good use. Your BSA fees are used for things like:

  • National High Adventure Camps in New Mexico, Minnesota, Florida, and West Virginia
  • Developing training materials
  • National Marketing
  • Program Impact Research
  • Administration

Your pack or troop also asks for dues to pay for things like:

  • Troop equipment, camping fees, uniforms, books, badge, and outings

But when your son registers, none of the fees paid supports the Evangeline Area Council -- a local non-profit organization that supplies the things that your son or daughter enjoys most or depends on to be a successful Scout.

Why is the Council asking me for money?
Among the Council's many important functions are:

  • operating summer camps,
  • handling year-round camping programs,
  • conducting formal and informal trainings,
  • supporting district and council events,
  • maintaining communications (weekly emails, newsletters, and website),
  • recording advancement,
  • providing unit accident insurance, and
  • processing registration

Without participation in this Investment in Character campaign, vital parts of your son's Scouting experience would have to be cut back or eliminated.

Just so we are clear: the Evangeline Area Council receives

  • no federal funding,
  • no state funding,
  • no national BSA funding,
  • raises 100% of the dollars here in Acadiana,
  • and all of the dollars raised goes back to support the youth in our community.

What does the Council use my money for?
About 88% goes to programs. That means summer camp, day camps, camporee, trainings, membership campaigns, insurance, ScoutReach and more.

The cost to support one scout in the
Evangeline Area Council for one year is more than $306 per year. The Council subsidizes a majority of that cost for most Scouts. We ask families to help offset the cost of the program. Fully 86% of the Council budget comes from sources other than the Investment in Character (direct giving) campaign.

We're asking you to consider a gift of at least $16.25 per month (based on 12 monthly payments), $185 per year or more if you can afford it.

Will the Council use my money wisely and responsibly?
Absolutely, 100% yes. The Evangeline Area Council's Executive Board is committed to thier fiduciary responsibility.  Additionally, the council retains an independent third party auditor to review its finances and offer a statement of opinion.  These documents are also reviewed by an auditing team at the Naitonal Office each year.


For more information, please contact the Scout Service Center (337) 235-8551.

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