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Exploring is an opportunity for young women and young men to gain real life career experience first hand from businesses in their community! As a career education program, Exploring partners local businesses with high school aged youths in order to provide unique and exciting experiences that offer insight into the day to day operations of a multitude of careers. Participants can explore twelve general career fields: Arts and Humanities, Aviation, Business, Communications, Engineering, Fire and Emergency Services, Health, Law and Government, Law Enforcement, Science, Skilled Trades, Social Work.  

The Exploring program's primary goal is to help young adults make more informed decisions about their future careers and if a particular career is right for them. As an Explorer they will be able to focus on: Career Opportunities, Life Skills, Leadership Experiences, Character Education and Citizenship. Typically a young adult with get involved, learn about a career and either discover what steps are needed in order to pursue this occupation or experience enough about the occupation to decide it is not the right fit for them. It is our hope that they can find out enough about a career before investing time, energy and money into pursuing training or a degree in that field.

Being an Explorer is not about lectures and slide shows; it is about gaining real world experience in a career from professionals in that field!