Executive Board

The executive board in each local council is its policy-making body. Voting members include between 25 and 50 regular board members, the chairmen of the committees of the executive board and District Chairmen.  The Scout executive is a nonvoting member. 

Council Executive Committee

Bruin Hays                                                      President

Billy McCarthy                                             Commissioner

Gary McGoffin                                              Attorney

Jim Faulk                                                         Treasurer

Chris Rader                                                    VP Finance

Michelle Cooper                                          VP Program

Dennis Pennington                                    VP Properties

Brian Thompson                                         VP Membership

Wayne Prejean                                            VP Exploring


Members at Large

Donna Aucoin

Andy Boagni

Bert Cestia III

Cory Choate

Matt Delcambre

Mike Edwards

Henry Eikel

Margaret Green

Patrick Hebert

Marty Hellickson

Jimmy Lewis

Luke Manfre

David McBride

Brian Miller

Lee Ritter

Jim Simon

Jamie Thompson

Chris Villemarette

Staci Villemarette