James E. West Fellowship Application

For gifts that are designated to a council endowment fund. Gifts at the $5,000, $10,000, and $15,000 levels may be cumulative. Also, individuals and corporations frequently make these gifts in honor or memory of others. 

  • $1,000 - Bronze Member Level
  • $5,000 - Silver Member Level
  • $10,000 - Gold Member Level
  • $15,000 - Diamond Member Level

Honor Your Eagle Scout as a James E. West Fellow


The Second Century Society

For outright gifts payable over a five-year period or deferred gifts of $100,000 or more to local councils. These gifts may be for operating, capital, or endowment. Donors making $100,000+ outright gifts are designated "Members with Distinction" and donors making $500,000+ deferred gifts are designated "Legacy Members." The groups also receive special recognition and opportunities. 

  • $25,000 - Member Level (gifts at this level may not be deferred)
  • $100,000 - Member Level
  • $500,000 - Member Level
  • $1,000,000 - Member Level 

Planned Giving through the Boy Scouts of America National Foundation


President's Leadership Council

For gifts to or through the BSA Foundation within a five-year period, either outright or part of an advised fund, designated fund, trust, or other Foundation gift structure. Gifts may be designated to any BSA entity, and must be a minimum of $1,000,000. These donors receive the highest and most personal recognition and access opportunities. 

If you are interested in making a donation in excess of $1,000 to benefit our local Scouting programs, please contact Marc Bonner via email or at (562) 427-0911 ext 280.


Donations of at least $1,000 made directly to our endowment fund qualify as a James E. West donation. Appropriate recognitions include a knot for the uniform (seen here), a pin, and a certificate.

Click for James E. West contribution form

We express our sincere thanks to the following individuals:

2015: Thomas Stolpe (Eagle Scout) | Thomas Giese (Eagle Scout) | Spencer Gates (Eagle Scout)

2014: Joseph L. Saddler

2013: Rachelle Saddler

2012: Joseph L. Saddler

2011: Erin Saddler | George E. Davis (in memory) | John C. Vidmar | Phil Rainier

2010: Daniel J Tsoi-A-Sue (Eagle Scout) | Timothy Saddler (Eagle Scout) | J.B. Stevens (in memory) | Richard N. Feinberg | Troop 65 That Have Gone Home (in memory)

2009: Christopher Saddler | Reese Williams | Denise Rainier

2008: Wayne J. Sanders | Rachelle Saddler (in memory) | James Eastlack | Norman Marks (in memory) | Ginnie Wilcox | Randy Stiegler | Patrick J. Kneuer | Thomas Dixon II (Eagle Scout)

2007: Howard McMackin (in memory) | Joseph Saddler | Charles Lung | Carl Felix | Michael Emling | Lloyd Vern Wilcox | Patricia Towner | Wayne E. Persing | Albert Guerra | Mara Childers | Twyla D. Christopherson (in memory) | Richard A. Benson | Fred Harveston (in memory) | Toni A. Baca

2006: Troop 75 | Ann Johansen | Richard A. Johansen | Shaleana R. Benson | Lani Sienk | Don Sienk (in memory) | Max Nichols (in memory) | Sally Nichols (in honor) | Pam McMackin (in honor) | Roger Olson | Merle Dampsey (in memory) | Susan Bell | Brian C. Russell | Nancy E. Schwartz | Jared S. Roy

2005: Rich Insalaco | Jon Sandvick (in memory) | Harley Thronson Sr. (in memory) | Sandy Mayuga | Richard Dempsey | William V. Wenger | William N. Wells | Richard Dixon (in memory) | Mildred E. Stevens (in memory) | Dana McRae | Jason Dean Barca (in honor) | William Munzer

2004: Donald McMackin | James Craig Jr. | Michael R. Durham | Steve C. Nichols | Richard D. Barca | Duke Ducoing | Lisa M. Scott | R. Whitney Latimer | Marie Cochran (in honor) | Lynn Stewart

2003: Paul Bailey | Joseph Porter III | William Wallace | Donald C. Cochran (in honor) | Jeff Tylicki (in honor) | Rick Cooper (in memory) | D..F. Jeffrey (in memory) | Dr. Howard A. Wood (in memory)

2002: Dr. Richard Bell | Laura Gray (in honor) | Lee Martin | Reed Adler

2001: Jet Tiraphatna | Lew Hindley Jr. | Pam Martin (in honor) | James Jeffrey | Alex McKenzie (in honor) | Jack Dameron | Ed Beals

2000: Lamont Davis | Chuck Clark | Lester Miller

1999: Robert Goble | John Hancock | Kyle O'Brien (in honor) | Shae O'Brien (in honor) | Richard Lamb (in honor) | James C. Hankla | JoAnne O'Brien (in honor) | Patrick O'Brien (in honor) | Allen Thomas | Travis Montgomery

1998: Bob L. Gray

1996: Stephen T. Conley

1994: Marion Swank

1993: Kelly Campbell


For more information, please contact Marc Bonner via email or at (562) 427-0911 ext 280.