COPE/Climbing Instructor Training


Challenge Course

Our council Challenge Course, is located at Lost Bayou Scout Camp. The Challenge Course is a program for youth and adults that includes a series of outdoor challenges — beginning with basic group initiative games and progressing to more complicated low-course and high-course activities. Some of these events involve a group effort while others test individual skills and agility. Participants climb, swing, balance, jump and think through solutions to a variety of challenges. Most participants find that they can do much more than they initially thought they could.



Our newly constructed Climbing Tower will soon be available to Scouts, Venturers and Explorers at Lost Bayou Scoout Camp.

But before you take your unit, you need to have at least two trained leaders to run the activity.

Thanks to the Sam Houston Area Council and the Southern Region Climbing Committee a Climbing Instructor Level II Course will be taking place at Winter Camp 2015.  Along with this training two Climbing Merit Badge Classes will be offered.  


For More information regarding our Climbing Program contact

Climbing Committe Chairman

Brandon Hebert