Climbing Instructor Training

Climbing Instructor Level I

April 9, 2022

Lost Bayou Scout Camp

8am - 5pm

Under the supervision of a Level 2 Climbing Instructor or Climbing Director, Level 1 Climbing Instructors can teach the Climbing Merit Badge, conduct Climb On Safely training programs for adult leaders, and instruct youth in climbing and rappelling using council owned towers under the BSA program.  The Evangeline Area Council Council Climbing Program Committee/Staff, working within the BSA program structure, use Council-owned climbing equipment and facilities, and are covered under the BSA insurance program.  Climbing Instructor I  training must be renewed annually with ongoing participation in Council climbing activities. 

Completion of this course allows participation at Council owned climbing tower events.  It’s a great way to learn about climbing and conducting youth group climbing events, improve your rigging and climbing skills, and serve the community by introducing youth to a challenging sport.  You must be 18 to be carded as a Level 1 Climbing Instructor, but youth 16 and over can be carded as a Level 1 Instructor in Training.  

Creature Comforts:  Bunk in the cabin (bring your own pillow and sleeping bag) on Friday night, or bring a tent if you prefer.   

What to bring:  All equipment is provided, but you may bring your own helmet, harness, and climbing shoes.  

Lunch is not provided. Please bring a sack lunch with you to the training.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Equipment and cordage inspection, marking, care, storage, and retirement;
  • Climbing, rappelling, bouldering, spotting, belaying, and belay commands;
  • Climbing knots (water knot, figure 8 follow-through, double fisherman’s knot, Prusik, alpine butterfly, Munter hitch/mule knot) and how and when to use them;
  • Anchoring systems and belay anchor construction for climbing towers;
  • Good safety practices, including age-appropriate activity levels for youths;
  • Leave No Trace policies for Climbing;
  • Intro to program administration- BSA National Standards, teaching skills, climbing event planning and coordination, development of emergency plans, and climbing program record-keeping 


For More information regarding our Climbing Program contact

Jason Miller, Climbing. Committee Chair


Mike Watts, COPE/Climbing Director