Climbing Instructor Training

Climbing Instructor Level I

April 27, 2024

Mountain Bayou Scout Camp

8am - 5pm

Under the supervision of a Level 2 Climbing Instructor or Climbing Director, Level 1 Climbing Instructors can:

  • teach the Climbing Merit Badge,
  • conduct Climb On Safely training programs for adult leaders, and
  • instruct youth in climbing and rappelling using council owned towers under the BSA program.

The Evangeline Area Council Council Climbing Program Committee/Staff, working within the BSA program structure, use Council-owned climbing equipment and facilities, and are covered under the BSA insurance program. Climbing Instructor Level I  training must be renewed annually with ongoing participation in Council climbing activities. 

Completion of this course allows participation at Council owned climbing tower events. It’s a great way to learn about climbing and conducting youth group climbing events, improve your rigging and climbing skills, and serve the community by introducing youth to a challenging sport. You must be 18 to be carded as a Level 1 Climbing Instructor, but youth 16 and over can be carded as a Level 1 Instructor in Training.  

Creature Comforts:  Bunk in the cabin (bring your own pillow and sleeping bag) on Friday night, or bring a tent if you prefer.   

What to bring:  All equipment is provided, but you may bring your own helmet, harness, and climbing shoes.  

Lunch is not provided. Please bring a sack lunch with you to the training.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Equipment and cordage inspection, marking, care, storage, and retirement;
  • Climbing, rappelling, bouldering, spotting, belaying, and belay commands;
  • Climbing knots (water knot, figure 8 follow-through, double fisherman’s knot, Prusik, alpine butterfly, Munter hitch/mule knot) and how and when to use them;
  • Anchoring systems and belay anchor construction for climbing towers;
  • Good safety practices, including age-appropriate activity levels for youths;
  • Leave No Trace policies for Climbing;
  • Intro to program administration- BSA National Standards, teaching skills, climbing event planning and coordination, development of emergency plans, and climbing program record-keeping 

For More information regarding our Climbing Program contact:

Jason Miller, Climbing. Committee Chair


Mike Watts, COPE/Climbing Director