Acadiana Campfire




Hey Acadiana families!!

Are you trying to find new activities to keep your family entertained at home? Do you miss the excitement of sitting around a campfire while singing songs and eating smores?

Join us on April 23rd at 6:30pm, for the lauch of our Acadiana Campfire: Virtual Edition!
This campout will be hosted by the Evangeline Area Council.

All families across the area, non-scouts and scouts, are invited to enjoy this campfire together in their own homes while participating in one of the family, fun activities listed below. 

To learn how you can earn your adventure patch, scroll to the bottom of this page!

For 30 Days of grade specific activities 
To find a local Scouting unit in your area

You can setup your campsite in your backyard, put up a tent in your attic, build a pillow fort, or sleep out in your RV! It's up to you to maintain your Social Distance and to follow safe practices of Staying at Home!

During the campfire we'll share skits, songs, and stories from people all across the area. This Acadiana Campfire will give you and your family a "front row seat" experience of laughter, entertainment, and joy! 

We will be conducting the campfire via Youtube channel, for easy access to all families on their TVs, tablets, or phone devices. On April 23rd, we will launch the link on this website, our Facebook page, or if you would like for us to email you the link contact

Activities that you can do with your kids to create a fun, atmosphere while your family watches the Acadiana Campfire! These activities will help you earn your Adventure Patch!

We will discuss more about the patch toward the end of the Acadiana Campfire, so keep tuned!


  • Roast s'mores
  • Make a tin foil dinner
  • Practice safe hygiene by washing hands and singing 20 second song
  • Sing a camp song (create the fun, atmosphere to watch the campfire)

During the campfire

  • Watch in your homemade blanket fort (to vist the Fort Contest page click HERE)
  • Eat your s'mores
  • Eat your tin foil dinner

After the campfire

  • Download a constellation app, go outside, and have your kid(s) learn about all of the stars! (example app to download: Star Walk 2 Free)
  • Tell your kids a traditional Cajun story as a campfire story
  • Choose a skit/song that you've seen during the campfire, and practice it for the next time you attend a campfire
  • Create your best shadow puppet with a flashlight in the dark
  • Play glow in the dark ring toss
  • Play charades
  • Sleep in your homemade blanket fort


Adventure Patch


Do you want a way to remember this fun campfire evening with the family? Patches are a great reminder for fun activities, such as the Acadiana Campfire. 

To earn the patch, your family must watch the Acadiana Campfire and complete some of the activites listed above!

We will discuss more about the patch toward the end of the Acadiana Campfire, so keep tuned!