2023 Klondike Derby

Klondike Derby is based on an Alaskan Dog Sled race. Each Patrol/Crew is a sled team of a musher and dogs. Once they leave the start line they are cut-off from civilization (Troop Leadership) and must overcome challenges on their own. As they travel along the trail they will come to the towns. The mayor will welcome the team and explain the challenge the team must address. Each team is responsible for building a sled they will pull from town to town. Along the way, teams may run into other obstacles and Team Spirit will be evaluated and rewarded with gold nuggets that can be used at the “Frontier Auction”.

 A sled team is made up of 5-9 scouts (established Patrols are best). Certain gear is requred on every sled. Klondike consists of up to 16 challenges of different Scouting skills. Each challenge is 20 minutes in duration (including travel time) Sled teams travel the Klondike trail from town to town. Challenges are based upon basic Scout skills, primarily from the Tenderfoot to First Class ranks. Problem solving, teamwork, and hands on demonstrations are expected. Each challenge will have a max of 25 points. Each town will recognize the top 5 sled teams. Total skill points will determine the Klondike Champion. Gold Nuggets will determine the Scout Spirit Champion. Awards are presented at the Council Campfire on Saturday evening. 

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