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Message from the District Executive

Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Craig Overland, and I am serving as your new District Executive for the Attakapas District. I am very excited about meeting everyone in the district and getting to know your units. To give you some background on me, I have been employed by the Evangeline Area Council since Jan. 2007, serving the Chitimacha District (St. Mary Parish) from that date till Jun. 2010. I was a volunteer for 2 years before becoming a professional, serving as the Cub Master for Pack 12 in Berwick, as well as Tiger Den Leader, Cub Den Leader and Webelos Den Leader for Pack 300 in Franklin. I am Wood badge Trained, I have attended National Camping School for Outdoor Skills Director in 2007, and served in that capacity for 2 years; and Camp Management (Camp Director) in 2009, where I have served as the Summer Camp Director for the last 2 years. I have attended the Philmont Training Center District Key 3 Conference in Cimarron NM. I am also a Brotherhood Member of the Order of the Arrow, Atchafalaya Lodge. I am married and have 3 children, one a Cub Scout and one a Boy Scout. As a youth I was a Cub Scout in Bayou Vista, and earned the rank of Life Scout in Troop 44 in Morgan City with whom I attended the 1989 National Jamboree.

Some important information for our district:
(Updated 11/17/2010)
  • District Committee Meeting: First Wednesday of the month - 6:30 PM - FUMC New Iberia
  • District Roundtable: Third Wednesday of the month - 6:30 PM at Erath Library
  • Council Summit: Dec. 18th - Time/Location TBA. All District Committee Members are invited to attend, learn more about how your committee operates, get info form Council on upcoming events, and give us your feedback to help us better our Council
  • More to come soon...
At our last District Committee Meeting, we discussed:
(Updated 11/17/2010)
  • Discussed plans for the Fall Camporee in Iberia City Park.
  • Talked about Popcorn Delivery and Pick-up Procedures
  • Spring Camporee Items
  • District Pinewood Derby Discussion
  • New Units in the District, current processing, and ideas for others
  • Introduced the new Cubmaster of Pack 27 (Park/Hopkins/Johnston St. Elem.) Mrs. Nicole Broussard.
At our last District Roundtable meeting, we discussed:
(Updated 11/17/2010)
  • The Cub Scout meeting plans for August. Using Swimming Belt loop and Rain Gutter Regatta as program ideas.
  • Craft Idea for Cubs and Scouts: Gluep, kind of like a cross between Silly Putty and Slime; made from glue, laundry start, water and food coloring.
  • Den and Pack Management ideas such as Den Dues, how much, and frequency, etc.
  • We Voted to change the TIME for future Roundtables to 6:30 PM, still at the Erath Library.
  • Next Months meeting will be a JSN Training, it is VERY IMPORTANT that EVERY Cub Pack has a representative at this meeting. If you can not find someone to attend, LET ME KNOW AHEAD OF TIME so that we can make arrangements with your unit to get someone trained for the JSN Plan.
  • We are working on having Pizza and Soda available for the next meeting, So DONíT MISS OUT !!
I want to personally thank Lowell and Carmelite Leach for their hard work and dedication to making this months Roundtable a lot of Fun and Very Informative. I look forward to meeting you all at the next meeting, or seeing you at the Ice Cream Challenge!!

Once again, I look forward to meeting with you all and serving scouting in Attakapas. Please feel free to contact me with questions, comments and concerns anytime vie Email at Craig.Overland@Scouting.org or call me on my cell at (985) 518-3155.

Attakapas District Committee

• District Chair: Henry Eikel
• Assist. District Chair: John Caro
• District Commissioner: Charles Dill
    • Asst Dist Commissioner - Iberia: Pam Rayburn
    • Unit Commissioner: Jules Hebert
    • Unit Commissioner: Tony Piontek
    • Roundtable Commissioner: Lowell & Carmelite Leach
    • WEBELOS Transition Commissioner: Annie Bell
• Finance Co-Chairman - Iberia: Chad LaBiche
• Finance Co-Chairman - Vermilion: Murphy Guilbeaux
    • Popcorn Co-Chair: William Kyle
    • Popcorn Co-Chair: Jules Hebert
• Public Relations: Jeff Zeringue
• Membership Chairman: Mike Louvier
• Programs Chair: Justin Boudoin
    • Training Chair: Jocelyn DeRouen
    • Camping Chair - Kevin Hotard
    • Cubscout Camping Chair: Anthony Falgout
    • Spring Camporee: Rob Hankenhof
    • Fall Camporee: Justin Boudin
• Activities Chair - Margaret Eikel
    • Derby Day: Todd Neuville
    • Dist. Banquet: Diane Ezell
• 2011 Day Camp Directors (Iberia): Juliet Granger, Shelli Helms, Jody DeRouen
• 2011 Day Camp Directors (Vermilion): Lowell Leach, Anthony Falout, Carmalite Leach
• Advancement Chair - Jay Leger
    • Advancement Committee: John Aldridge
    • Advancement Committee: Paul Broussard
• Members At Large
    • Paul Broussard
    • Clay Schexnayder
    • Jeniffer Horton
• District Executive: Craig Overland

District Information

District Calendar - Fall 2010 (PDF)

About the District

      • Parents Guide (PDF)

• Our Units
• Cub Scout Pack Contacts (Boys 6-10 years old / 1st-5th Grades):
        • Pack 0085, Abbeville, Vanessa Hudson
        • Pack 0094, Kaplan, Mike Renfrow [Email]
        • Pack 0167, Maurice, Lowell Leach [Email]
        • Pack 0234, St. Martinville, Vacant
        • Pack 0315, New Iberia, Brandon Dautreuil [Email]
        • Pack 0320, New Iberia, Nicole Broussard [Email]
        • Pack 0323, Erath, Charie Dubois [Email]
        • Pack 0326, Abbeville, Marty Hebert [Email]
        • Pack 0328, New Iberia, Mitch Gilfoil [Email]
        • Pack 0333, New Iberia, Ashley Breaux [Email]
        • Pack 0334, Jeanerette, Randy Segura [Email]
        • Pack 0350, New Iberia, Jennifer Horton [Email]
        • Pack 0360, New Iberia, Chad LaBiche, [Email]
        • Pack 0463, New Iberia, Shelli Helms [Email]
        • Pack 0464, Loreauville, Ben Decuir, [Email]
        • Pack 0466, New Iberia, Jody DeRouen, [Email]
        • Pack 0487, Meaux, Darrin Roddy, [Email]
        • Pack 0714, Perry/Foked Isl., Billy Falcon, [Email]
        • Pack 0NEW, New Iberia, Margo Baker, [Email]

• Boy Scout Troop Contacts (Boys 11-18 years old / 6th-12th Grades)
        • Troop 0014, Loreauville, Mark Landry [Email]
        • Troop 0015, New Iberia, Kevin Hotard [Email]
        • Troop 0016, Darrel Thibodeaux [Email]
        • Troop 0017, New Iberia, Rod Thibodeaux [Email]
        • Troop 0081, Kaplan, Shantell Vice [Email]
        • Troop 0098, Erath, Nelson Geoffrey [Email]
        • Troop 0133, New Iberia, Pat Castille [Email]
        • Troop 0229, Abbeville, Keith Faulk [Email]
        • Troop 0333, New Iberia, Barron Gray [Email]
        • Troop 0367, New Iberia, Ronnie and Pam Rayburn [Email]

• Venture Crew Contacts (Boys/Girls 14-21 years old / 7th-Grade +)
        • Crew 0006, New Iberia, John Aldridge [Email]

• Explorer Post Contacts (Boys/Girls 14-21 years old / 7th-Grade +)
        • Post 1910, Kaplan, Thelma Stelly [Email]

District Advancement

Eagle Scouts of Attakapas District [Coming Soon]
Eagles Nest (PDF)
Recent Eagle Scouts [Coming Soon]

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